Carmel Bird Theatre School



At the end of the first term we put on our Christmas production in the Studio Theatre with full technical support of sound, lighting and wardrobe. With lots of festive music, Christmas lights and the usual fantastic performances from the children, this production always gives a sparkling end to the first term.


We try to do something a little different in the Spring term to give the children a variety of stage experiences. Previous years have seen Puppet Shows with traditional handcrafted puppets and a genuine Puppet Theatre,  and collections of drama and comedy plays.


In early Spring the Academy Drama group perform a full length play for 3 nights. It is entered into the Greater Manchester Drama Federation Festival. Members of the Senior Drama group and the Physical Theatre group are alsoinvited to be part of this production.


During the Summer term we work towards a full production which brings all the children of the Theatre School together. This special end of year event showcases the children's talents and includes an Awards ceremony to celebrate all their achievements during the year.

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